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DFS Nymphs & Wet Flies Broadcast a Success

Brian Comfort and I hosted a Deerfield Fly Box session last night (2/17/21) attended by about 25 people. Brian talked about fishing nymphs on the Deerfield and demonstrated one of his go-to flies for the Deerfield, the Hares Ear Nymph. I discussed wet fly fishing for salmon and trout and demonstrated two of my favorite flies, a Hendrickson soft hackle and a light Cahill we fly. I am posting the materials lists for these flies below. Enjoy! Feel free to message or email me with any questions.

This pattern works for Hendricksons and other dark mayflies, Isonychia, for example.
Substitute freely to match conditions and target bugs.
Light Cahill Wet Flies
The light Cahill wet fly is a very successful pattern on the Deerfield. In addition to Cahills, it imitates white flies, sulfurs, and even yellow sallies.
Use lighter colors to imitate White Flies that are prolific on the D in the fall, and deeper yellows to mimic Potamanthus and Sulfurs in the summer.