Deerfield Flies – Top Ten List

Plenty of folks ask me about flies that work on the Deerfield. Here’s a list of the flies that have worked best over the years.

1. Walt’s Worm: Eric’s variation – Bead Head Nymph with dark dubbing sizes 10 & 12 – simple fly with outstanding results.
2. Catchall Caddis – Davy Wotten’s pattern in size 12 works on top of the water as a dry fly and at the end of the drift slips under the film to swing as a wet. Be sure to let it hang for a few seconds and then retrieve it slowly with the rod tip raised high. It will pop up and down on the riffles just like an egg laying caddis.
3. Prince Nymph – sizes 10 & 12 – bead head or not.
4. Parachute Adams – sizes 12 to 20 – this fly will suffice for most mayfly hatches.
5. Parachute Light Cahill – sizes 10 to 14 – A ‘must have’ fly on the Deerfield in late spring and summer.
6. Light Cahill Wet – size 12 – This fly will provide non-stop action evenings and mornings over the summer months.
7. Pheasant Tail Nymph – sizes 12 – 18 – works before and during mayfly hatches or whenever. Very effective as the dropper accompanied by a flashy attractor pattern in a two fly rig.
8. Dirty Politician – a recent addition to the line-up, Kurt Finlayson’s creation is the punchline for a great story. Size 12.
9. Hare’s Ear Wet or Soft-Hackle (minus the wing) – Size 12 to 16 – Versatility is the by-word with this fly – it can be fished on the swing in the trafditional manner but also works paired with a weighted nymph on the dead-drift.
10. Muddler Minnow and it’s many variations – Sizes 8 – 12 – I like to fish it with a sink tip to get it down.

There you have it. What are some of your faves that are not included here? Submit your list via comments.

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