A Tale of Two Releases

Two nights ago I was fishing a section of the river near my house and caught a rainbow on a wet fly.  The fish was on the top dropper and in the course of escaping the net managed to throw the fly, and break off the anchor fly which dropped straight down into the pool where I was standing all in a matter of seconds – video to come.  One night later (last night) I was in the same location for just a short while.  The fish would not respond to the traditional down and across presentation that had been so successful the night before, but when I switched to dead drifting with a heavier anchor fly, I connected on the first drift: Same Hendrickson wet fly as the night before but a different presentation!  I brought in an absolutely stunning mature natural reproduction rainbow.  I took one photo of the fish in the net but as son as I unhooked him he bolted before I could take another shot.  I am happy to have ‘released’ such a magnificent rainbow with minimal handling, but I wish I could have done better job capturing his dramatic coloration with the camera.


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